Tips on Choosing the Best Processor for Gaming Computers

To play the game, you have to think about what processor you are using. And yes it’s true, this is very important because the processor will affect the performance of your computer during game play.

So many processor at this time, and this makes you more confused choose it. To choose a processor, you must consider its speed, features, models and brand.

Likewise when you choose a processor for gaming. Processor or commonly known as CPU is a very important component on the computer. This component is the brain of the computer. This processor will affect the performance of the game and also the existing applications on the computer.

If you think that the most expensive processor in the market is the right processor to play the game, it is not completely true. What is clear, when choosing a processor then you also have to think about the motherboard.

The processor you choose should match the motherboard, this is because not all processor types can work with all motherboards. So, it must be observant when you choose a processor for gaming.

1. Brand Processor
In the market there are two brands of processors that you can choose namely Intel and AMD. These two giant companies do dominate the processor in the world and both of them do have very good quality. However, Annda should be able to choose one of them. Both companies make various types of processors are sold at various prices.

For example, Intel companies issued several types of processors including Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, as a match AMD issued FX and Phenom series processor. To select both brands, you can consider the funds you have.

In general AMD processor is sold at a cheaper price compared with Intel. If your funds are minimal, you can choose AMD processor FX series whereas if your funds are large, you can choose the Intel i7 processor.

2. Consider processor performance
Both AMD and Intel do have a pretty good performance, but Intel processor has a much better performance than ddengan AMD. You can choose an Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i5.

Both processors have a pretty good performance so it is great for your game game. Both types of Intel processors that have faster performance is Intel Core i7. If you want to play the game more exciting, choose an Intel Core i7 processor but this price is much more expensive dibandingkaan Intel Core i5.

3. Core Processor (Core)
Core Processor or more in the know with Core (Dual core means processor choose two core). If you are a LGA 775 Chipset user I recommend to use the Highest Technology Processor on this socket ie Core 2 Quad has 4 Core. For LGA 1150 and above Use Core i3 and above.

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